Symbols similar to 'cl=f'

Symbol Name Last Price Industry / Category Type Exchange
CL=F CL=F 58.84 N/A Future NYM
CLB.AX CANDY CLUB FPO 0.08 Consumer Defensive Stocks ASX
CLF Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. 9.83 Basic Materials Stocks NYQ
C=F Corn Dec 19 454.00 N/A Future CBT
PL=F Platinum Jul 19 807.00 N/A Future NYM
CC=F Cocoa Jul 19 2,523.00 N/A Future NYB
CLT=F Light Sweet Crude Oil (Physical 1.00 N/A Future NYM
CT=F Cotton Dec 19 66.28 N/A Future NYB
CU=F Chicago Ethanol (Platts) Future 1.50 N/A Future NYM
LC=F Live Cattle Aug 19 105.00 N/A Future CME
CB=F Butter Cash-Settled Futures,Nov 241.50 N/A Future CME
CD=F Canadian Dollar Sep 19 0.76 N/A Future CME
ZL=F Soybean Oil Futures,Jul-2019 28.53 N/A Future CBT
6L=F Brazilian Real Futures,Aug-2019 0.26 N/A Future CME
HCL=F HCL Future AUG 2019 Trading Ses 62.34 N/A Future NYM
LC=F LC=F 103.05 N/A Stocks CME
CUV.AX CLINUVEL FPO 34.37 Healthcare Stocks ASX
AMBFX American Balanced Fund Class F- 27.20 N/A Mutual Fund NAS
NPFFX New Perspective Fund, Class F-1 43.99 N/A Mutual Fund NAS
CLQ.AX CLEANTEQ FPO 0.39 Industrials Stocks ASX
CAIFX Capital Income Builder Cl F-2 S 60.83 N/A Mutual Fund NAS
AMFFX American Mutual Fund, Class F-1 41.81 N/A Mutual Fund NAS
NFFFX New World Fund, Inc., Class F-2 66.61 N/A Mutual Fund NAS
ABNFX The Bond Fd of America, Class F 13.16 N/A Mutual Fund NAS
AMCFX AMCAP Fund, Class F-2 Shares 32.43 N/A Mutual Fund NAS