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Actress Ellie Kemper once wrote a jingle for McDonald’s

Jen Rogers

Years before she was singing along to “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips in the movie “Bridesmaids,” Actress Ellie Kemper had her own songwriting credit. She told Yahoo Finance’s Jen Rogers on My Three Cents that it all happened during an unpaid summer internship for ad agency Leo Burnett in Chicago.

“The pinnacle was getting a radio commercial for McDonald's on the air locally in Chicago for the Triple-Bacon Cheeseburger. I wrote the jingle. It aired for maybe three weeks,” Kemper said.

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“It did feel like a very tangible measure of success. And I felt like I, as the lowly intern, I'll be treated with a lot of respect now.”

As Kemper recalls, it was her peak businesswoman moment. “I sort of rose and fell in one summer.”

“I walked to work every day in these Ann Taylor clothes that sometimes I worried [that] I was too fancy. I remember wearing a 3/4 length tee once and I was like, is this like too on trend? But don't worry, I wasn't too fancy.”

Jen Rogers is the anchor of “The Final Round” on Yahoo Finance and the host of its show My Three Cents , which interviews celebrities about the role of money in their everyday lives.

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