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Amazon could have helped a city that needed it. Instead, it screwed everybody.

Rachel Kraus

Many New Yorkers are cheering Amazon's decision to abandon its plans for another headquarters in Queens. But its decision to scuttle plans for an HQ2 altogether rubs salt in the wounds of smaller cities hoping to become the next Silicon Valley.

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One of the justifications for the immense wealth that flows through Silicon Valley and into the pockets of billionaires like Jeff Bezos is the promise of jobs Tech provides jobs! And jobs are ... good? Yeah, jobs are good.

This was an argument that Amazon alluded to when it announced in September 2017 that it was soliciting proposals from cities to become the location of its next HQ2. In addition to the sheer prestige of becoming the home of an Amazon headquarters, Amazon promised "50,000 high paying jobs." Read more...

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