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You Can Buy This Bizarre Mustang-Lamborghini Hybrid, If You're Into That Sort of Thing

Chris Perkins
Photo credit: Barrett-Jackson

From Road & Track

If you've been around the car internet for some time, you'll probably remember this. For the 2009 SEMA show, someone had the inspired idea of combining a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Ford Mustang . It's called the Tractorri, and it's exactly as strange as you think it is. If it speaks to you, good news-it's headed to Barrett-Jackson's big Scottsdale, Arizona sale next month, where it'll cross the auction block with no reserve .

Strange though this is, it's a deeply impressive build. It's not just Mustang-looking bodywork draped on a Lamborghini chassis; rather, it's the running gear and interior from a Gallardo crammed into a 2007 Mustang. Build photos posted to Australian site Car Advice show just how much work went into this creation. The Lambo's 5.0-liter V10 and six-speed automatic transaxle live where the Mustang's rear seat and trunk otherwise would be, while the dashboard was cut to fit in place. Most of the bodywork is actually custom fabricated, and the paint is a bespoke color formulated by the builder and PPG.

Barrett-Jackson claims the all-wheel drive system works just like it did in the Gallardo, and there's a front-axle lift for clearing curbs and steep driveways. The cost of building this thing? A claimed $700,000-plus. While underneath all this is a 2007 Mustang, it's titled as a 2009 build, and under 2600 miles are on the odometer.

Oh, and it's called the Tractorri, referencing Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini's start as a tractor builder.

It is truly one of the most oddball builds we've ever seen, but the level of craftsmanship on display here is great. The interior especially looks unchanged from a Gallardo.

But while it might've cost nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to build, we have a hard time imagining it'll fetch that much at the auction. But who knows? This might be somebody's dream car. We'd very much like to meet that person.

via AutoClassics .

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