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DSW delivers mixed bag, CBS holds shareholders meeting, Facebook reportedly files controversial patent

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team is watching for you today.

A mixed bag at shoe retailer DSW . The latest earnings reports fell short of estimates even though revenue was up 17%, and comp sales were strong. The CEO attributes that, in part, to the most successful back-to-school season in the company’s history, and the purchase of Town Shoes in Canada.

CBS shareholders are finally getting their say as the company holds its long delayed annual meeting here in New York. There are a lot of questions over the ongoing investigation into former CEO Les Moonves and the company’s future plans. CBS just announced it will sell off the iconic Television City production complex in LA.

A creepy new development at Facebook . Buzzfeed says the social network has filed new patent applications for technology to predict where you’re going. It’s based on location tracking data that Facebook is already collecting. A facebook rep tells Buzzfeed the application quote “should not be taken as an indication of future plans.”

Big changes are coming to advertising giant WPP . The company plans to simplify its structure and cut some 2,500 jobs. It could save them upwards of $350 million. The new CEO, Mark Read, tells Bloomberg he wants to return the company to growth in a format that’s easier to manage.

Daimler is making a big bet on electric cars. The parent of Mercedes Benz plans to buy $23 billion  worth of battery parts over the next decade. It’s part of the company’s new focus on electric as Europe cracks down on diesel and gas engines. Mercedes plans to roll out its new electric car next year.