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ESPN's Max Kellerman seemingly fails to cover up loud fart during live broadcast

ESPN commentator Max Kellerman had some explaining to do after a Reddit user called him out for trying to cover a fart with an awkward cough during a Monday segment of "First Take."

Kellerman and fellow TV personality Stephen A. Smith were discussing Kevin Durant's ejection from Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors' playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers when the user, YaBoiMirakek, noticed that Kellerman let out a loud cough to drown out what sounded like a fart. The poster claimed Kellerman farted seven times altogether — a whopping number — in less than three minutes.

The "fart-gate" incident drew hundreds of comments from other Redditors, some of whom called out Kellerman for not doing better to hide his flatulence.

"Rookie mistake, he makes the cough too soon and the fart trails on," one person wrote.

Another offered some advice.

"The trick is to make sure you don't clench," the Redditor wrote. "That's a classic one cheek squeaker, definitely less than ideal in front of microphones."

Other commenters on the Reddit thread had a ball at the expense of Kellerman's alleged on-air gaffe.

"My dude Max was brewing up a storm today. These [seven] farts could match even the power of the [Infinity Stones]," one user wrote, in reference to the six powerful gems that appear in Marvel Comics.

Kellerman appeared on "The Dan Le Batard Show" the following day to defend himself.

"I will say this: No, I did not fart on the set — I have farted in the past, though," he said. "That is true. But that's not one of the instances."