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Forex Daily Outlook – March 25, 2019

Colin First
Forex Daily Outlook – March 25, 2019


The Euro fell hard during Friday’s session, breaking below the crucial 1.13 level after getting poor German economic numbers. The market is likely to keep volatile as fears of a global recession growing strong after US bond yield curve inverts for the first time since 2007. The 1.1250 level underneath should attract a lot of attention and if the pair breaks below the 1.12 level, then it would be extremely negative and will open the door towards 1.10 level. …Read More


The British Pound has witnessed a pullback initially during Friday’s session but received a significant amount of buying pressure underneath. With a lot of developments happening around Brexit, the pair is expected to remain volatile and if it breaks below the supportive 1.30 level or the 61.8% in Fibonacci retracement level, then the pair will break down through very easily. …Read More


The AUD pulled back slightly during Friday’s session but has been stable as the pair is witnessing a small amount of buying. The 0.70 level underneath is offering strong support and has been an important level in the monthly chart. With both currencies facing severe headwinds, the pair is likely to remain volatile and will continue to witness the strength underneath. …Read More


The USD has broken down significantly on Friday’s session, slicing through the 110 level. With decreasing yields on US bonds and the Fed’s dovish attitude on rate hike stroking fears of another global recession, the pair is likely to continue with its selling momentum. A break below 108 level would send the pair down towards the 105 level or much lower. …Read More

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