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Kanye West has a terrible iPhone passcode

JP Mangalindan
Chief Tech Correspondent
Kanye West made a notable appearance at the White House on Thursday. Source: EFE

It’s official: Kanye West has a terrible iPhone passcode.  

During a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday, the Grammy-winning rapper unlocked his iPhone simply using the passcode “000000,” apparently to show the president an animated GIF.

While West probably settled on the simple passcode so he can log into his phone as quickly as possible, it’s notable that the controversial rapper , who has received threats in the past over his support of Trump, doesn’t care enough to make his phone more secure. Try setting up your iPhone with a passcode like West’s, for instance, and Apple ( AAPL ) warns you that passcode — as well as passcodes with all the same number or “123456” — can be easily guessed. Instead, the company has suggested in the past that users select passcodes with unique significance only they may know.  

West’s appearance was a particularly bizarre moment for the White House this week, according to reports. The rapper was originally invited to lunch with the president, former NFL star Jim Brown and Jared Kushner to discuss prison reform, manufacturing, and gang violence. But prior to lunch, West, donning a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, launched into a 10-minute-plus monologue in the Oval Office, covering a wide range of topics, including his family situation, Superman, his support for Trump, and being mistakenly diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

“That was something,” President Trump commented afterwards. “That was quite something.”

West has been publicly supportive of Trump since the president was elected, tweeting a photo of himself sporting a “Make America Great Again” this April and lauding Trump during the closing moments of a “Saturday Night Live” appearance in September.

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