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Kate Middleton snuck her children back into the Chelsea Flower Show for this adorable reason

AOL.com Editors

Kate Middleton is all about her garden, and so are her children!

On Monday, May 20th, the Duchess of Cambridge debuted her latest project at the Chelsea Flower Show, a "Back to Nature" garden to promote the mental health benefits of being in nature. The whole Cambridge family came along for the debut to play in the garden, which features a rope swing, tree house, area for toasting marshmallows over a fire and a spot to pick wild strawberries.

George told Prince William in a now viral video shared by Kensington Palace that on a scale of one to 10, he would rank the garden at a 20.

While the garden is set to open to the public at 8 am, The Sun reported that Kate actually snuck her children back into the garden on Friday around 7:15 am and the reasoning couldn't be more adorable.

Apparently, the Cambridge children "wanted to get up early to water the garden."

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews tweeted, "Kate # DuchessofCambridge took her three children to water her @The_RHS garden at Chelsea flower show early this morning before it opened. George was apparently [very] keen to go and she told an onlooker he, Charlotte & Louis were very excited to be back to water it!"

The children were able to water the garden and play for a bit presumably before heading to school.

Kensington Palace said over the past few months, George, Charlotte and Louis helped their mother gather moss, leaves and twigs to help decorate.

“Hazel sticks collected by the family were also used to make the garden’s den," they said.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a longtime proponent for mental health and has a passion for being in the outdoors, something she is seemingly passing down to her children.

While giving the queen a tour on Tuesday, Kate reportedly said , "The children played last night in a way I hadn’t imagined. They were throwing stones. I hadn’t actually thought that that was what they would be doing. They kicked their shoes off, and wanted to paddle in the stream… using it in a way that I hadn’t anticipated."