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How I’m Losing Weight and Saving Money at the Same Time

Dave Domzalski

My wife and I used to dine out constantly. It is quite a bad financial habit and one we battled since we started going out 12 years ago. It not only affects our bottom line but our waistlines, as well.

We tried cooking at home and pausing our dining out, but despite our best efforts, our lack of willpower always won out. That is, until we came upon Home Chef. And, no, this is not a sponsored post or paid endorsement. I’m just a huge fan, and I think you all deserve to know.

We looked into and tried other options, but nobody had a selection we enjoyed as much as Home Chef’s offerings. The meals allow us to eat what we like while also expanding our palates. The best thing is, it helps us eat out much less frequently.

Losing Weight Is Much Easier

You always see articles or blog posts about how you need to eat healthily and exercise. While I understand the concept, I never dedicated myself to the mastery of it. Honestly, I figured I could just run the weight off.

When I took up running again, I lost about 30 pounds. However, any time I wasn’t training for a marathon and burning 2,000 calories during 18-mile runs, all the weight would pile back on. (Obviously, my concept was a little flawed.)

Eating at home using Home Chef, I’m keeping the weight off. I coupled my better diet with a three-days-per-week weight-lifting program that has allowed me to lose over 10 pounds. After taking time off from running, I had gotten up to 200 pounds again. However, with eating better through this program and lifting, I’m down to 188.

Our Monthly Budget Is Loving It, Too

We get three meals delivered to us each Tuesday at a total cost of $65. The box includes everything we need for each meal. All of the ingredients are fresh and come from farms that the company partners with.

The cost is a fraction of our $150 weekly grocery budget. We would easily be paying that much or more to feed our family, but by sticking with this service, we get to eat better food at a price much more wallet-friendly. Plus, as parents, my wife and I are helping our 2-year-old son appreciate great food.

It’s Become a Way of Life

My wife has become an amazing cook, following the step-by-step guides. She even prepares items we pick up from the grocery store using the techniques she’s learned — and it’s all excellent. Plus, she now enjoys cooking!

Perhaps, the most important thing, though, is we enjoy eating these meals. In fact, we look forward to them, and would rather eat in than out.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, consider the food you are putting into your body. Take it from me: I’m one of the pickiest eaters around (just ask my wife), but I found something that works for me. Find the foods you love and get them in a way that works best for you and your lifestyle, as we did. Give yourself a reason to enjoy eating at home again. Your wallet and waistline will thank you.

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