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Merit Medical Systems Inc (MMSI) COO Ronald Frost Bought $200,000 of Shares

COO of Merit Medical Systems Inc ( 30-Year Financial , Insider Trades) Ronald Frost ( insider trades ) bought 5,000 shares of MMSI on 07/30/2019 at an average price of $40 a share. The total cost of this purchase was $200,000.

Merit Medical Systems Inc designs, develops, manufactures and sells medical devices used in interventional and diagnostic procedures. Its products are used in thoracic surgery, interventional nephrology, vascular surgery, and oncology and pain management. Merit Medical Systems Inc has a market cap of $2.17 billion; its shares were traded at around $39.46 with a P/E ratio of 57.18 and P/S ratio of 2.36. Merit Medical Systems Inc had annual average EBITDA growth of 6.80% over the past ten years. GuruFocus rated Merit Medical Systems Inc the business predictability rank of 3-star . GuruFocus has detected 2 severe warning signs with Merit Medical Systems Inc. .

Directors and Officers Recent Trades:

  • COO Ronald Frost bought 5,000 shares of MMSI stock on 07/30/2019 at the average price of $40. The price of the stock has decreased by 1.35% since.

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