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Money 2.0 Stuff: The bundling and un-bundling of exchanges

Arjun Balaji
AugurLiteCentralized companies building on top of decentralized protocols are currently faced with a bit of a conundrum. As profit-seeking entities, their primary responsibility is to, well, create profits and, eventually, share those profits with their investors.The post Money 2.0 Stuff: The centralized-decentralized identity crisis appeared first on The Block.

“There’s only two ways I know of to make money: bundling and unbundling” — Jim Barksdale

Today, Binance announced the successful deployment of the Binance Chain genesis block. The Binance public blockchain will host the future Binance DEX and will be powered by Binance’s native ecosystem token, $BNB. Today, the blockchain appears to be positioned primarily as an asset issuance platform with crypto project Mithril announced they had successfully migrated over from Ethereum.

The strategic move to launch a separate a non-custodial trading model is interesting given the contrast to the strategic orientation of Western comps like Coinbase. Earlier this week, we discussed Coinbase and their strategic goals as they build up and down the storage value chain :

… an exchange like Coinbase is an aggregator in the Thompsonian sense .

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