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Death Crosses

Death Crosses

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Follow this list to discover and track stocks that have set death crosses within the last week. A Death Cross is when a stock's 50 day moving average crosses below the 200 day moving average. This list is generated daily, ranked based on market cap and limited to the top 30 stocks that meet the criteria.

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  • Nokia Partners with Ooredoo Qatar to Build 5G Core Network
    Zacks 2 days ago

    Nokia Partners with Ooredoo Qatar to Build 5G Core Network

    Nokia's (NOK) AirFrame, CloudBand, voice and Cloud Packet Core, and Nuage Networks Software Defined Network are likely to enhance Ooredoo Qatar's network performance.

  • 3 Big Stock Charts for Friday: PPL, Electronic Arts and Tyson Foods
    InvestorPlace 3 days ago

    3 Big Stock Charts for Friday: PPL, Electronic Arts and Tyson Foods

    Stocks started yesterday's action out on a firmly bullish foot, but didn't end the session quite as enthused. Up as much as 1.44% near the middle of the day, the S&P 500 was dialed back to a gain of only 0.89%. It's not clear how much conviction the bulls have, or don't have.Source: Allan Ajifo via Wikimedia (Modified)Leading what was left of the bullish charge was Nokia (NYSE:NOK), up nearly 4% mostly as a snapback from nearly a month's worth of strong selling. A potential end to trade worries was inspiring enough to cut into the stock's 18% slide since late April. Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) was the big winner for the regular session though, rallying nearly 8% headed into its post-close earnings report that turned into a 15% loss in after-hours action. This year's revenue outlook was a major letdown.At the other end of the spectrum, iron ore miner Vale (NYSE:VALE) fell more than 4% after it warned yet-another one of its mines is in danger of collapsing.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips * 7 Stocks to Buy that Lost 10% Last Week None of those names are top trading prospects headed into the final trading day of the week, however. Rather, it's the stock charts of PPL (NYSE:PPL), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) and Tyson Foods (NYSE:TSN) that are shaping up as the best bets. Here's what should happen next. PPL (PPL)Utility stock PPL had plenty of help moving lower yesterday. The entire sector lost ground as traders migrated out of the safety they tend to offer and back into riskier sectors.PPL was unique, however, in the sense that the stumble carried shares to new multi-week lows, and did do on lots of volume. There's a chance any budding pullback could be caught before it spins out of control, but there's also a chance it might not find support at that floor. Click to Enlarge * The floor in question is currently at $26.80, plotted with a yellow dashed line on both stock charts. That line tags the last two major lows. * Yesterday's weakness also took shape on unusually high volume, yet wasn't prodded by the news. This could be a hint there are more sellers waiting in the wings to see a little more trouble before bailing out. * On the flipside, regardless of what happens from here, new technical ceilings have been defined. The upper one of those is as high as $37, lining up with the string of higher highs seen in the latter half of last year. It just may not matter for a while. Tyson Foods (TSN)It's tempting to want to get on the Tyson Foods train. Shares are up a stunning 65% from their late-December low, and still appear to be accelerating. The higher it flies, the seemingly stronger it gets.The rally is setting up to be more of a trap, however, luring in the last of unsuspecting investors before the buyers unload into that strength and kickstart a pullback. It hasn't started yet, but we saw a subtle hint in yesterday's bar that suggests we could be at the pivot point. And, the future is primed for selling. * Top 7 Dow Jones Stocks of 2019 -- So Far Click to Enlarge * As of yesterday's close, TSN shares are 31% above the white 200-day moving average line. That's even more divergence than we saw in late-2017 when a massive selloff took shape. * The shape of Thursday's bar is also a concern. The open and closer were in the bottom half of the intraday high/low range, suggesting yesterday was the point that transitioned from a net-buying to net-selling environment. * Although yesterday's bar is a red flag, it's only confirmed by a move lower, and ideally an open within Thursday's intraday range followed by a close below yesterday's low. * The weekly chart's RSI indicator has been into overbought territory for a while, which doesn't happen often, and didn't last long the last time we saw it happen. Electronic Arts (EA)Electronic Arts is one of those names investors seem to know they punished too severely in the latter half of last year, but have been hesitant to undo that damage.Traders are increasingly willing to test the waters for a potential turnaround though. The repetition of this effort is telling in and of itself, but the simple act of forcing more and more 'trial balloons' is chipping away at the big technical ceiling as well. One more good day could get EA over the hump. Click to Enlarge * That 'hump' is mostly the 200-day moving average line, plotted in white on both stock charts. * Simultaneously, the major peaks going back to February line up to make a near-term technical ceiling that as of yesterday is being pressured again. * Zooming out to the weekly chart we can see the Chaikin line is back above zero, and the MACD lines are showing a new bullish divergence. The budding uptrend already has multiple tailwinds.As of this writing, James Brumley did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. You can learn more about James at his site, jamesbrumley.com, or follow him on Twitter, at @jbrumley. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 10 Stocks to Sell Before They Tank Your Portfolio * Top 7 Dow Jones Stocks of 2019 -- So Far * 5 Low-Priced, High-Potential Tech Stocks to Buy Compare Brokers The post 3 Big Stock Charts for Friday: PPL, Electronic Arts and Tyson Foods appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • Billionaire Friedland Close to Deal With BHP on Guinea Iron Ore
    Bloomberg 3 days ago

    Billionaire Friedland Close to Deal With BHP on Guinea Iron Ore

    Friedland is in advanced talks with BHP, Newmont Goldcorp Corp. and Areva SA, that will see him move to develop the Nimba deposit on Guinea’s border with Liberia, said the people, who asked not to be identified as the talks are private. Mick Davis, who is seeking to develop a neighboring iron ore mine through his Niron Metals vehicle, is also interested in the project, according to people familiar with the situation. Friedland also declined to comment.

  • Bloomberg 3 days ago

    Iamgold Explores Sale Amid Gold Sector Consolidation

    Iamgold’s plans could still change and there’s no guarantee it would succeed in selling itself, the people said. A representative for Iamgold declined to comment. Shares of Iamgold closed up 9.4%, valuing the company at about C$1.6 billion ($1.2 billion).

  • Reuters 3 days ago

    Iamgold explores possible sale -Bloomberg

    Canada's Iamgold Corp is exploring a possible sale of all or parts of the gold miner business, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. The company, which has four operating gold mines, is working with advisers and has been in talks with several potential buyers, according to the report. Iamgold was not immediately available for comment.

  • Motley Fool 3 days ago

    How Do Multilevel Marketing Companies Make Their Money?

    It's often not through selling to the public.

  • 5 Low-Priced, High-Potential Tech Stocks to Buy
    InvestorPlace 3 days ago

    5 Low-Priced, High-Potential Tech Stocks to Buy

    [Editor's note: This story was previously published in April 2019. It has since been updated and republished.]Given their surge over the last few years, tech stocks aren't cheap -- at least when it comes to their actual share prices. Top leaders like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) can be had for north of a grand per share, while even smaller tech stocks like ServiceNow (NASDAQ:NOW) can be had for over $100 per share. And while, as we said before, "price is what you pay, value is what you get," there is something about buying cheap stocks that can result in higher returns.So, if it was possible to combine the potential of tech stocks with the financial advantages of low-priced ones, you'd have very powerful weapon indeed.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips * 7 Stocks to Buy that Lost 10% Last Week Luckily, there are a number of those stocks to buy. These cheap tech stocks can be had for under $15 per share, and many of them have plenty of catalysts to propel them forward. They aren't without risk, but they do have plenty of reward potential. So which of those stocks should you look to buy?Here are five cheap tech stocks to buy for your portfolio. Cheap Tech Stocks to Buy: Fitbit (FIT)Source: Shutterstock Share Price: $5.10It's no surprise that former wearable device superstar Fitbit (NYSE:FIT) is now a low-priced tech stock. The device marker spent much of 2017 and 2018 in freefall as wearable device growth has failed to catch up with lofty expectations. And as fellow InvestorPlace contributor Josh Enomoto has mentioned, the segment has been a victim of the dreaded "C" word -- commoditization.So, why be bullish on the floundering device maker?It comes down to healthcare, health insurance and FIT's low prices for devices.John Handcock made waves last year when it announced that it was no longer underwriting traditional life insurance policies and will only be issuing more dynamic policies tied to a wearable device. Corporate America is getting in on the act as well and has started to offer incentives/breaks on health insurance to employees wearing fitness trackers.For FIT, this could be its opportunity. A low price, a name brand and a huge data set of active users makes it an ideal partner in these instances. With healthcare costs rising, firms and employees are going to be doing everything they can to get insurance premiums lower. Already, sales at FIT seem to be picking up. With tracking requirements becoming the norm, Fitbit could be a major winner.And at just over $5 per share, it's worth that gamble. Glu Mobile (GLUU)Source: Shutterstock Share Price: $8.84One-hundred and twenty-two percent. That's a great yearly return for any stock, yet one that makes mobile games for your smart-phone. But for Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU), its 2018 return may just be a drop in the bucket. That's because GLUU's turnaround is finally paying off.A few years ago, mobile gaming was super hot -- and then the bottom dropped out. GLUU and its rivals were hit hard. In that downturn, the game developer's management undertook a big turnaround plan. For starters, they focused more on games they fully owned rather than celebrity licensed properties. This allowed them to reap higher margins from in-app purchases and downloads. With bookings rising for these so-called growth games, Glu was actually able to be cash flow positive during the fourth quarter.GLUU was also able to reduce its debt load and build a strong cash balance over the last year.With that, GLUU stock has surged. The best part is that the firm's development pipeline still seems robust, with several potential hits coming over the next few quarters. This includes a new World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE:WWE) game as well as a title under license from Walt Disney's (NYSE:DIS) Pixar. Moreover, several other games in development are targeted at female gamers -- an underrepresented niche. That gives Glu a potentially huge market all to itself.With the firm now firing on all cylinders and gaming still going strong, the less than $9 per share tech stock seems like a bargain at a P/E of 26. Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NOK)Source: Shutterstock Share Price: $4.95Ask many people what they think about Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) and odds are, they will say "washed up." And that may be true to a point -- when it comes to devices. But Nokia still remains one of the most important tech stocks in the entire wireless world. The reason comes down to one letter and one number.I'm talking about 5G.As its handset leadership position was fading, Nokia made two shrewd buyouts: industrial conglomerate Siemens' networking business and the Alcatel-Lucent assets. With those two buys, Nokia became an equipment maker that brings all the data, voice and video to the end users. Who cares about what device it's on?This switch has been wonderful for NOK stock. Current 4G networks aren't cutting it with all the streaming video, mobile commerce and gaming we're now doing on our phones and tablets. Because of that, telecom firms are now spending some big bucks to upgrade their networks. And a lot of it is coming NOK's way.Sales at Nokia continue to rise, clocking in at 5 billion euros last quarter. The bulk of that was networking and 5G hardware.And yet, NOK shares remain a castaway among cheap tech stocks. At under $5 and with a 3.8% dividend yield, it's a good stock to buy. TeleNav (TNAV)Source: Shutterstock Share Price: $7.13Sometimes partnering with a larger firm can boost the fortunes smaller tech stocks. For TeleNav (NASDAQ:TNAV), that means being buddies with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Amazon has been looking for ways to get its AI voice assistant, Alexa, into more devices and into every American's home. A big push in that is into automobiles. This is where TNAV comes in.TeleNav provides several location-based systems to create a smarter, safer & more personalized user experience for drivers. This includes routing, guidance, positioning and search. The kicker is that TNAV's systems are much more than just your normal GPS. They use AI and voice assistants, allow advertisers and in-car commerce -- such as go-ahead ordering -- and the like. Amazon joined with TNAV in a deal that would make Alexa front and center in its units.What TNAV is really doing is building a portfolio of data that Amazon or other firms could potentially massage and exploit later on. What it gets is a huge platform to build on for future real-time advertising, sales and infotainment options. It's a win-win for TNAV, AMZN and other future partners.The opportunity is huge. And yet, TNAV trades at just around $7 per share. That's a huge bargain for its potential -- even more so when considering that firm continues to grow its revenues like weeds and finally has achieved positive cash flows at the end of last quarter.In the end, this is one tech stock that won't stay low-priced for much longer. As a result, it's a good stock to buy. 3D Systems (DDD)Source: Image via 3D SystemsShare Price: $8.73One of the biggest trends in industrial manufacturing, healthcare and even tech itself is 3D printing. The ability to create three-dimensional objects out of metals, plastics or even biopolymers is truly exciting. And over the years, 3D printing has gone from a niche hobby to mainstream production. Leading the way has been top tech stock 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD).However, lately, DDD has been a shell of its former self. The former high flyer and triple-digit-priced tech stock can now be had for around $8.75. At that price, 3D may be a big-time buy.For one thing, the firm is growing. Last year, DDD's revenues jumped 6.4% year-over-year to $687.7 million. At the same time, the growth in several key areas allowed 3D to realize a profit. Adjusted earnings per share for all of 2018 came in at 15 cents. That was versus a loss per share of 2 cents recorded in 2017. So, things have gotten a bit better at DDD now that 3D printing has gained significant steam.And the firm has more levers to pull. DDD continues to push harder into healthcare and the dental sector. Prosthetics, implants and braces have the potential to be massive markets for the firm, one that is being tapped just now.For investors, DDD stock's fall from grace has more to do with it simply losing its momentum and fad status. Which means, value hunters can snag shares of this low-priced tech stock for basement-level prices, making it a good stock to buy.At the time of writing, Aaron Levitt was long AMZN. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 10 Retirement Stocks That Won't Wilt in a Bear Market * 5 Consumer Stocks Ready to Push Higher * 3 of the Best ETFs to Buy for a Play on Gold Stocks Compare Brokers The post 5 Low-Priced, High-Potential Tech Stocks to Buy appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • US Adds Huawei to Entity List: Game, Set, Match in Tech War?
    Zacks 3 days ago

    US Adds Huawei to Entity List: Game, Set, Match in Tech War?

    As Huawei enters the Entity List, U.S. suppliers like Qualcomm (QCOM) and Broadcom (AVGO) will have to apply for licenses to provide components to the Chinese firm.

  • Motley Fool 4 days ago

    The Trouble With Multilevel Marketing Schemes

    Bob Everyman listened to this podcast, and now he makes $7,000 a month (aka, why MLMs are a waste of time and money).

  • 9 Big Stocks Rallied The Last Time The Market Tumbled 20%
    Investor's Business Daily 4 days ago

    9 Big Stocks Rallied The Last Time The Market Tumbled 20%

    Looking at the last time stocks crashed 20% last year suggests some trends of what might be more defensive stocks.

  • AMC Networks Is Still Undervalued
    GuruFocus.com 4 days ago

    AMC Networks Is Still Undervalued

    AMC Networks (AMCX) has opened the year down 4% versus the S&P 500's strong 16% rise. Warning! GuruFocus has detected 1 Warning Sign with AMCX. Despite the latest earnings report coming in strong with the company beating on revenue and earnings per share, the stock has slumped 8% in May. Yet, its lineup is successful even without The Walking Dead on air.

  • Nokia Stock Looks Like an interesting Contrarian Play Here
    InvestorPlace 4 days ago

    Nokia Stock Looks Like an interesting Contrarian Play Here

    There's nothing to be impressed about Nokia (NYSE:NOK) stock this year. It seems like nothing is going right. So far, the return on Nokia stock price is a miserable -17%, despite a strong bull move in the tech space.Source: Shutterstock But there is nothing new about this. Let's face it, Nokia stock has not had much traction for quite a while. Note that the average return for the past decade is -5.81%.Despite all this, might there still be a contrarian play here? Maybe the company's strategy is the right one? Hey, after all, we've seen slumbering tech gains like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) find ways to renew their businesses. And this has resulted in substantial gains for shareholders.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips * 7 Forever Stocks to Buy for Long-Term Gains So, could there potentially be something similar with NOK stock? Granted, this may seem kind of laughable right now. The company has shown lapses in execution, as witnessed in its latest earnings report. Nokia posted a loss of 2 cents a share and revenues of $4.49 billion, while the Street was looking for a profit of 2 cents a share and revenues of $5.06 billion.But when it comes to transforming a company, the progress can be choppy. Competition remains tough and there are long sales cycles.However, NOK is still a much better company today, as it has done much of the needed heavy-lifting of cost cutting and restructuring to streamline operations. There have also been some major acquisitions, such as for Alcatel-Lucent.Yet, the most important potential catalyst is the emergence of 5G. As an indication of the importance of this trend, look at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). It appears that the key reason it settled its massive lawsuit against Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) was to ensure that the company has the necessary technology for 5G. This technology is a must-have.While mobile network transitions do not necessarily result in major demand for equipment, this time is likely to be different. Speeds for 5G are likely to be 100 times faster than 4G, which means there will probably be a surge in innovation. And this means more than just greatly improving smartphones. There will also be opportunities in categories like IoT (Internet-of-Things), gaming, education, autonomous cars and so on.To play in this market, there needs to be secure, reliable and scalable technology. And yes, NOK is one of a few companies that that has these capabilities with its systems.Another important factor: The US-China trade standoff. This means that the US will block out a fierce competitor -- mainly, China's Huawei.And finally, Nokia has a valuable patent portfolio. On the earnings call, CEO Rajeev Suri remarked that there will be continued strength from the portfolio that should provide "considerable monetization opportunities." Bottom Line on NOK StockThe move to 5G has certainly not been without its challenges -- and this should be no surprise. The technology is complicated and requires dealing with onerous rules and requirements. But as for NOK, management is still optimistic and believes that the second half of the year will see a pick-up in the business. There is also about 200 million in euros of revenues that are expected to be recognized during this period of time. * 10 Retirement Stocks That Won't Wilt in a Bear Market Something else: NOK stock is quite cheap at current levels, with the forward price-to-earnings multiple at 12 or so. Oh, and the dividend yield is an attractive 4.13%. This is among one of the highest in the tech sector.In other words, NOK stock does look like an interesting value play on the 5G opportunity.Tom Taulli is the author of High-Profit IPO Strategies, All About Commodities and All About Short Selling. Follow him on Twitter at @ttaulli. As of this writing, he did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities. More From InvestorPlace * 4 Top American Penny Pot Stocks (Buy Before June 21) * 10 Retirement Stocks That Won't Wilt in a Bear Market * 5 Consumer Stocks Ready to Push Higher * 3 of the Best ETFs to Buy for a Play on Gold Stocks Compare Brokers The post Nokia Stock Looks Like an interesting Contrarian Play Here appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • 4 Best 5G Stocks to Buy as the Trend Heats Up
    InvestorPlace 4 days ago

    4 Best 5G Stocks to Buy as the Trend Heats Up

    Editor's note: This story was previously published in February 2019. It has since been updated and republished.Just as IoT (Internet of Things) became a buzzword for many years before it started taking off, the same is happening with 5G. If you're unfamiliar, 5G is the next-generation standard for wireless communications. It promises to give wireless devices, especially the mainstream smartphone, lower latency and faster speeds. And because such uses as video streaming and IoT in automotive and appliances benefit from a faster backend network, investors will not want to miss out on the 5G revolution.The 5G upgrade is being driven by big U.S. telecom firms that are getting ready to test 5G sometime in the middle of this year. So as the upgrade cycle unfolds, investors will want to buy network suppliers offering 5G equipment.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsBefore hopping on the 5G investment play, be wary on one outlier: Huawei. The U.S., along with other G7 countries, are blocking the company from selling telecom equipment. If this happens, other networking suppliers will win more business deals. But if Huawei somehow appeases the U.S. and is allowed to sell its 5G equipment, then that may raise the competitive pressures for all players in this space. * 6 Trade War Stocks With a Lot of Risk With all of that in mind, here are five of the best 5G stocks to invest in now.Source: Shutterstock Cisco Systems (CSCO)Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) may offset its slowing Security business if it wins 5G networking supply deals. It sells connections and network that protect connections worldwide. Cisco 5G Power x is a cloud-to-client approach to 5G. The solution delivers an open, hyper-programmable architecture (according to the information posted on its website). Any combination of cellular, Wi-Fi and IP access is supported.Cisco stock trades at just below 20 times forward earnings and earnings are expected to grow by nearly 10% for the next five years. This pace could be even higher as the rate of 5G orders increases this year. Source: Shutterstock Ciena Corporation (CIEN)Trading near yearly highs, Ciena Corporation (NYSE:CIEN) will probably continue posting impressive quarterly results. In the Q4 report posted on Dec. 13, 2018, Ciena's earnings grew from 46 cents to 53 cents a share. It fell back to earth after the market was unimpressed by its March earnings, but appears set for a big comeback. * 7 Cloud Stocks to Buy on Overcast Days Looking beyond the current quarter, the strong demand for 5G will drive fiber densification into the access network. This creates a great opportunity for Ciena to help as new platforms get created. The new set of capabilities include integrating coherent optics into these platforms.This is Ciena's core market strength. 5G is not a direct driver for Ciena, but the bandwidth and user experience needs in the back-end are. So, expect revenue growth in this segment to do very well for 2019.Source: Shutterstock AT&T (T)AT&T (NYSE:T) introduced the first standards based on the mobile 5G network in 12 cities very recently. It is ahead of schedule in deploying the network. On the backend, fiber deployment, which is foundational to its 5G network, now reaches 11 million customer locations. This is on top of 8 million business locations.AT&T's leadership in 5G gives the telecom giant an edge over other carriers as it offers network improvements that include better speeds for its customers. As the rollout for 5G reaches critical mass, investors in AT&T stock will look forward to sustained revenue growth, strong cash flow and a dividend yield that is close to 7%.Investors might worry over the cost of building a nationwide 5G network. Competitors are offering the same, but AT&T benefits from a wider bandwidth and higher revenue per user. This happens as customers upgrade to a better, faster service offering.Source: David Via Flickr Juniper Networks (JNPR)Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) shares dipped slightly after the company reported light fourth-quarter results. Still, the business model pressure will be offset with the MX 5G product refresh. Management believes MX 5G will add meaningfully to revenue in the second half of this year. The routing business will strengthen, thanks to the 5G investment cycle. Should Juniper grow its market share, the firm may cross-sell its secure infrastructure solution, firewall technology, further adding to its revenues in the years ahead.For 2019, the carrier 5G deployment will help lift revenue. Juniper also believes the 400G upgrade cycle and the enterprise multi-cloud initiative will be a positive tailwind for the company over the next few years.As of this writing, Chris Lau held shares of Nokia Corporation. More From InvestorPlace * 2 Toxic Pot Stocks You Should Avoid * 9 U.S. Stocks That Are Coming to Life Again * The 7 Best Video Game Stocks to Power Up Your Portfolio! * 5 Tips to Become a Better Stock Trader Compare Brokers The post 4 Best 5G Stocks to Buy as the Trend Heats Up appeared first on InvestorPlace.

  • As S&P 500 Stumbles, a Gold Miner Wins the Market
    Bloomberg 6 days ago

    As S&P 500 Stumbles, a Gold Miner Wins the Market

    Gold miners offer more leverage to rising gold prices, typically gaining more than spot on flight-to-safety trading days. For investors looking for a gold play on the S&P 500, there was only one option. Rival Barrick Gold Corp. -- which bears the ticker ‘‘GOLD’’ -- rose 2.6%, about the same amount as newly merged Newmont Goldcorp (2.5%), but is not listed on the S&P 500.

  • Associated Press 6 days ago

    Teva and Apple fall while Newmont Goldcorp and NextEra rise

    Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on Monday: Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd., down $2.13 to $12.23 The company allegedly conspired with other generic drugmakers to inflate and manipulate prices, ...

  • Gold and Miners Gain as Trade War Fear Makes a Comeback
    Market Realist 6 days ago

    Gold and Miners Gain as Trade War Fear Makes a Comeback

    Gold and Miners Gain as Trade War Fear Makes a ComebackUS-China trade war escalatesThe US-China trade war just got more dangerous. After some optimism last week with the two sides appearing to approach some sort of agreement, markets seem to have

  • GuruFocus.com 7 days ago

    Stocks That Fell to 3-Year Lows in the Week of May 10

    Newmont Goldcorp Corp. (NEM), Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. (WBA), UBS Group AG (UBS), and Halliburton Co. (HAL) have declined to their respective three-year lows.

  • 6 Stocks Leon Cooperman and Mario Gabelli Agree On
    GuruFocus.com 9 days ago

    6 Stocks Leon Cooperman and Mario Gabelli Agree On

    Billionaire investors have same stance on the US-China trade war and several holdings

  • Is BlackBerry a Buy?
    Motley Fool 11 days ago

    Is BlackBerry a Buy?

    The company recently hit a turning point, but can it maintain its momentum?

  • Barrick CEO Expects to Raise $1.5 Billion Through Asset Sales
    Bloomberg 11 days ago

    Barrick CEO Expects to Raise $1.5 Billion Through Asset Sales

    The gold sector has been anticipating a wave of asset sales in the wake of Barrick’s $5.4 billion acquisition of Randgold and a second mega-merger that created Newmont Goldcorp Corp. The newly combined giants were expected to put several unloved mines up for sale, leaving lots of room for maneuvering by company executives who have missed out on the dealmaking. “It’s not a fire-sale, it’s a considered process,” Bristow said in a separate interview with Bloomberg TV. The objective is for the sale process to be well advanced by mid-2020, Barrick said in its first-quarter earnings statement, its first results since its acquisition of Randgold was completed.

  • 3 Reasons Newmont Goldcorp Stock Slumped 13.2% in April
    Motley Fool 11 days ago

    3 Reasons Newmont Goldcorp Stock Slumped 13.2% in April

    The drop in the gold miner's shares appears overdone.

  • TheStreet.com 11 days ago

    Buy Newmont Goldcorp in a Vulnerable Stock Market

    With gold bottoming my call is to buy Newmont up to its 200-day SMA at $32.37. Comex gold futures are above their 200-day simple moving average at $1,255.8 and I expect Newmont to catch up. Newmont is not cheap as its P/E ratio is 22.68 with a dividend yield of 1.87%, according to Macrotrends.

  • What Do Analysts Think About AMC Networks Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AMCX) Growth?
    Simply Wall St. 11 days ago

    What Do Analysts Think About AMC Networks Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AMCX) Growth?

    Want to participate in a short research study? Help shape the future of investing tools and you could win a $250 gift card! As AMC Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:AMCX) announced its earnings release on 31 March 2019...

  • Financial Times 11 days ago

    Barrick chief executive Bristow targets $1.5bn in asset sales

    Barrick Gold, the world’s second largest gold producer, said its targeting $1.5bn in asset sales by 2020 to streamline its production and focus on its largest mines following its deal to acquire London listed producer Randgold. Barrick, which acquired the Africa focused miner at the beginning of the year, said it had identified assets that did not meet its “strategic filters.” They would be sold by mid-2020 raising $1.5bn Mark Bristow, the chief executive said. “This is not a fire sale — we will do that in a considered manner,” Mr Bristow said.

  • Thomson Reuters StreetEvents 12 days ago

    Edited Transcript of HLF earnings conference call or presentation 2-May-19 9:30pm GMT

    Q1 2019 Herbalife Nutrition Ltd Earnings Call